Wednesday, July 14, 2010


At the end Mike asked the Remix family to make a line up at the front and encouraged people to come up for prayer. I had the privilege of being in a group praying for a guy who was, as he said, “coming back.” People came up, took our hands and asked for prayer.

The food and juice were practically gone, it was muggy, but the people lingered. “Look man, they don’t want to leave,” said Tobias. They asked for more Kool-Aid. I started refilling the jug when a teenage girl offered to help.

“Sure,” I said.
She pulled something out of her pocket. “You want one?” She held out a yellow NOW and LATER.
“Sure. What kind is it?”
“Oh, that’s the good stuff. Thanks.”

Later that night I sat on my couch, staring at the piece of candy. I took the NOW and LATER with me to work. I pulled it out once in a while. The Holy Spirit was showing me something I knew would never leave me.

Can it be that for some people, talking to you is the closest they’ve ever been to interacting with Almighty God? Can people who do not know or love God sense Him moving among them through us? Is there anything more important than this?

This is what I learned: that girl responded to what she sensed that night with kindness towards me. Somehow I know her simple gesture moved the LORD of Hosts.

One more question: Will what you are occupied with NOW matter LATER?


Monday, July 5, 2010

What Mike Said The Day After

"FOR THE FIRST TIME in my spiritual life, I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do. I haven’t experienced anything that is now happening, haven’t seen anything quite like this before. This is a different way of experiencing God. When people see something that’s different or unique, a lot of times what they are seeing is a ministry that will let the Lord work. We’re not watering anything down. We are coming at people in a natural way and they are getting to taste the goodness of God. What really incites me is seeing people much younger than myself doing their thing for Christ. They see a need and fill it. Last night was an epic evening for us who are involved in the Remix, and for those who had an encounter with Jesus at the Remix. It’s getting serious man, and I like it!”


At least ten people gave their lives to Christ last Thursday night. Whether you served food, played an instrument, grabbed the mike, or quietly interceded for the folks around you, big ups to all who participated in such a special night.


We are taking measures to make sure that those who came (and will come) to the Lord are supported, strengthened, and are growing.  “We don’t want people just to come to Jesus,” Mike said, “We want them to walk through Jesus.”


Mike has some ideas and would like to talk with us Thursday before we start. 7pm we will meet. Do your very best to be on time.