Friday, August 27, 2010


The lady at the end of the video is crushed-you can see it.  To come out of her house and seek to interact with her neighbors on a deeper level should be thought provoking for anyone. She knows if something is going to change, it has to start with her.

There was an intensity among the REMIX family last night, an urgency in the Spirit. We prayed much, and stayed out longer than usual. Some of us knew that poor family, knew that young man; and it happened a couple streets down from where we gather every Thursday.

People are stirring. A spiritual fight is taking place-it has been for ages. To become a Christian is to be enlisted, anything else is a lie. It’s not easy, it’s not comfortable, but we must come out of ourselves and serve, love, pray, and war for others.

Driving home I saw an illuminated church sign that read: The Best Vitamin For Christians is “B”.

It benefits us as Christians to shine and serve others in hopes that they too can enjoy the wonders of Christ. Like a vitamin, it is healthy for us to sit with, pray for, and lead the lost to Christ. He has wired us, His Body, this way (John 4:34).

Many people are sitting in church wondering, “Oh God, where are you? Why do I feel so blah? All I want is to be with you!”

Listen carefully. He has left the ninety-nine safe and secure, and is running after the lost one.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Obligated to fulfill my civic duty as a juror, I sat in a large waiting room flipping through a Nicky Cruz book, thinking about last Thursday night. A large African American man in an orange shirt crossed the street holding hands with a woman. Cuevas asked if anyone wanted prayer. The man raised his hand and said repeatedly, “I’mma backslidden preacher.” Mike and Julia Peace drowned the couple with words of life and strength. The guy wouldn’t stop crying. Mike held him in a bear hug. I fought back tears at the sight.

I turned my attention to Tobias and a young lady wearing bright green mascara. She told him she felt like an outcast in church. “I love the Lord, I read my Word, but it’s like they stay away from me because of the way I dress and look.” Tobias encouraged her and I thought, “Here is an articulate, artistic (she writes poetry and sings) treasure of God missing from church. I hope this hits you like it hit me here in this waiting room: her name is Passion.

If passion is missing from the church, all you have is a social club. If passion is missing from the church, soldiers become spectators.

A man once said to me, “What you guys are doing here is that new thing from God.” I nodded, but this is what I should’ve said, “No, bro. This is as old as John chapter four. This has always been the agenda. This has always been His Passion.”


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Calling All Fighters

If you’ve watched the news at all last week, chances are you’ve heard about the shocking gang violence this summer in Chicago’s inner cities. I came across a man on TV calling on the community churches to somehow help the young men, women, and families caught up in the bloody whirlwind.

I saw this right after another Thursday night on Arnett Blvd. where a Remix leader named Cuevas shared his story. He told everyone listening how it felt living under a bridge as a young homeless man. He said he woke up on the street one night after drinking himself to oblivion. With blood dripping from his face, his body aching, he realized he had been beaten. He couldn’t remember who did it or why.

Believe it or not, Cuevas still wanders the streets. Now he talks with people about the power of God. He offers to pray for them right then and there, leading some to Christ. Delivered from a dangerous and violent life, Cuevas is now a fighter for the people of his city. But the truth cannot be more evident-we need more fighters.

We ought to chew on this for a while: across the nation we the Church are being called upon to come out of our expensive boxes to interact with our surrounding neighborhoods, particularly in the inner cities. Jesus told his disciples to pray for more laborers...I'm praying.