Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pray For Bacon

We set up inside the café spot because of the threat of rain, but I had to put one speaker outside. “If it looks like it’s gonna rain, we’ll pull it back,” I said. I sang and Mr. Snead handed out tracts, talked with guys walking by, and prayed in the Spirit.

People started entering as they heard the music along with our invitation to grub. As REMIX leaders served pizza and juice, the kids seemed eager to eat. I’m convinced that some families look forward to this dinner every week.

Tobias crossed the street with his wife. We slapped up and I gave him a microphone. He sat on top of the speaker and flipped open his Bible. He talked and rapped and a bunch of guys stood listening. Some laughing, some with smirks on their faces, but they were all there listening, engaged, asking questions. This wonderful interaction lasted for ten, maybe fifteen minutes.

As the large group of young men (eight or nine guys) walked away, one stood back and pulled Tobias aside. I turned on my microphone and sang about standing before God when life on earth is done while silently praying, “May this song stay with them, stick to them, haunt them!”

We gathered inside the café to review the day and close shop. I was getting ready to pray when Tobias stopped me and said, “The young man that stayed and spoke with me gave his life to the Lord.” We all were so excited about this! I asked what his name was and Tobias told me, but to be honest I quickly forgot. Yet I will venture to say we will never forget his nickname.

“Bacon.” Tobias said. “He is known by his friends as Bacon.”
“Well,” Mrs. Snead said, “tonight God brought home the bacon!”

Heaven rejoices for Bacon. We laughed, cheered, and thanked God. We burst into songs and shouts of worship.

We were getting into our cars when shots were heard in the distance. Which reminds me: if you don’t mind, please pray for Bacon this week.



Rhoshawndra said...

Powerful Story...keep doing what yall are doing!
Miss and love yall!

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